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Monday, May 18, 2009

rob heads to cannes, and taylor & selena in vancouver

Lainey Gossip has two sets of pictures. First, she has several pictures of Rob leaving Vancouver on Sunday, and reportedly headed to Cannes to do some PR for Summit. Second, she also has several pictures of Taylor and Selena Gomez hanging out in Vancouver Sunday.

rob arrives at cannes film festival

The Gossip Girls have several pictures of Rob arriving at the Nice airport to attend the Cannes Film Festival. He was "bombarded" by fans and paparazzi upon arrival

volterra fountain being built

Twilighters Italia have pictures of the Volterra fountain being constructed in Montepulciano, for the scene where Bella runs to stop Edward from revealing himself in the sun.

Robert Pattinson Galore

CLICK HERE!!! to see pictures of r-patz at his picture buffet!
CLICK HERE!!! to see pictures of r-patz at his picture buffet!
CLICK HERE!!! to see pictures of r-patz at his picture buffet!

R-Patz Has Landed!

This just in!

A Perezcious reader just sent in these exclusive pictures of Robert Pattinson getting off a plane in Nice on Monday.

R-Patz is heading to the Cannes Film Festival and we are super jealous of everyone in France!

New Moon Poster Leaked!

It's real!


Good FAN MADE New Moon Posters

Choose these because they were the best ones in the bunch.
Hope you like them.

New Moon First Look!!!!

We've been waiting so long!

Get ready Twilighters because the first look of the next movie, New Moon, is coming your way.

During the telecast of the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, the first clip of the Twilight sequel
will be shown.

But it get's even better!

R-Patz, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will all be in attendance to present the clip.

Awards show producer Mark Burnett revealed: "Fans can tune-in to the show to see sneak peeks from three of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. These clips have never been seen before and we're very excited that The Twilight Saga: New Moon is one of them."

As are we…SO EXCITED!

Fergalicious For The Ladies

The latest lady to admit to a little lady-lovin is none other than Fergie.

The Black Eye Peas front woman admits to The Sun that she has had experience with women, but nothing too serious: “Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend.”

And she'll be revisiting those experimintations in the new video for BEP.

“You’ll like our next video, for I Got a Feeling, because I have a little girl-on-girl tease section of the video," she says. "They were beautiful. They were hot."

Add her to the list folks!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Dazzles Her Boyfriend's Booth

In what seems a little lemonade stand sale to us, Jennifer Love Hewitt has started bedazzling shirts to sell at boyfriend Jamie Kennedy's standup merchandise table when he performs at comedy clubs!

Not only that, but Hewitt works the merch booth as well, peddling Kennedy's DVDs and sparkly t-shirts.

Then Kennedy pays her back with Pinkberry.

Well, at least it's a job!

Be Safe!

George Clooney was seen on his Harley with friends including restauranteur Rande Gerber, husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford, this weekend.

Gerber is facing sexual harrassment charges and the Clooney is set to testify on his behalf.

George has got your back!

He also looks really good in leather!

Conan's First Tonight Show Guests Revealed!

The guests for the first episode of the new Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien have been announced!

Coney's first interview will be with funnyman Will Ferrell with Pearl Jam as the musical guest , confirmed the Tonight Show website.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien is all set to premiere on June 1st on NBC.

Are U as excited as we are???

Thoughts on the first guests???

Sexy, Shirtless Orlando

He finally cut his hair!

Orlando Bloom was looking delicious with his new short haircut and no shirt while relaxing on a yacht in Cannes on Monday.

We sooo wanna go to the Cannes Film Festival next year!

All that eye candy to savor!

Lisa Rinna Opens Up About Her Hole

Lisa Rinna opened up about her terrible plastic surgery on the Today show Monday.

The "actress" claims that she started injecting silicone into her lips 23 years ago to look like Barbara Hershey in Beaches.

For someone so concerned about appearance, she sure knows how to date herself!

Supposedly, her lips begain to harden and the downturn began. "I do not blow up and down my lips," Rinna said.

No one cares!!

The "author" was promoting her self help book, Rinnavation.

What advice could she possibly have to offer?

"Don't use my surgeon!"?

Friday, May 15, 2009

R Bday

Last night Lainey reported that Rob was out celebrating his birthday via her Twitter. 

Today news surfaced as people noticed that Rob arrived at around 9pm Wednesday night at Global Grill and Satay Bar in Vancouver. Shortly after co-stars Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Jamie Bower amongst other crew members showed up. 

Lion&Lamb shared the inside pics of the party.

When leaving the restaurant around 1am, Rob and the cast were ambushed by fans. Below are a few pictures that can also be found at

filming updates

Lainey also reportssome of the filming that is happening today:

“Today is Pattinson’s final day on the set of New Moon barring any crazy cataclysmic setback. They’ve had to postpone these scenes due to weather, now must rush him through the shoot to get him out on schedule. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in Vancouver today. Which is perfect because – get ready for it Twi-hards – today they are shooting in the Meadow.

It’s a dreamy sequence. In the Meadow, Bella sees herself get old, looks like her grandma. And Edward wishes grandma happy birthday. Then they’re young together and lying in the field and looking at each other and it’s pretty”

filming updates

Lainey has given us a few more details on the New Moon filming…..

“Shooting Bella bedroom scenes. He goes through her photos and she cries and mopes some more when there are no photos. Also something about her opening her eyes and there he is beside her waiting for her to wake up. Pattinson is concurrently continuing green screen work with the other vampires.”

….we also decided that we would go and check it out.  From the pictures below you will see that there’s some type of camera equipment from one of the windows in Bella’s house.

Keep Voting!

I don't know where they got the numbers, but Lion_Lamb on Livejournal are reporting that Rob is losing to Taylor in the Breakthrough Performance Male category. 

Taylor has 38% and Rob 36% 

You can vote once a day, everyday up until the day of the show. Vote Here!

vampire baseball!, TwilightLive and "cast & crew from Twilight and New Moon team up to benefit the
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon". Tickets go on sale May 15, 2009 with Ticketmaster. Cast members that are supposed to be there: Peter, Ashley, Edi, and Rachelle, as well as, Michael Welch, Solomon Trimble, Christian Serratos, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, and Ayanna Berkshire.

Fan Trips.Travel, in collaboration with TwilightLive, has created an event which every fan of the Twilight series of books and movies can sink their teeth into – a day of Vampire Baseball™at PGE Park in Portland, Oregon on July 4th benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon . 

Fans will compete against each other and crew in the first half of the day. The fan game will be followed by Vampire Baseball™ featuring cast and crew from the movie Twilight which was filmed in the Portland area. PGE Park, a professional baseball stadium and home of the Portland Beavers, has been reserved for their exclusive use. Fans will cheer on their favorite teams from the Grand Stand and have the opportunity to take as many pictures (no video allowed) as they like when cast and crew take to the field.

ashley back in la

Gossip Girls have pictures of Ashley at LAX as she returned from Vancouver yesterday.

filming update

Twilight Gossip has pictures at the Bella's house set, and from pictures, it appears that they are in fact filming interior scenes.

last of the volturi leaving vancouver

Jamie Bower has updated his Twitter account. It appears that the last of the Volturi are leaving Vancouver. This seems to confirm the previous post about
Lainey Gossip.

alex meraz picture

Socialite Life has a picture of Alex Meraz. He attended the T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch party, which Nikki Reed also attended (see below).

nikki looking for a job?

E! Online caught up with Nikki last night, and she is missing her 'New Moon' castmates.

"It's really nice to work with your friends," she said at T-Mobile's Sidekick LX launch party last night. "When I left and I was done, I said to Kristen [Stewart], 'I guess I should go back to L.A. and look for a new job and have a life.' "

She also talks about reaching out to Rob on his birthday.
click here and read more @

Inside Robert Pattinson's Wild Birthday Party!

As we're sure most of you already know (hell, we've been twittering in delicious anticipation 'bout it for ages), Robert Pattinson celebrated his 23rd B-day last night at Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar in Vancouver.
Helping him ring in his 23rd were friend Sam Bradley, his 'rents, costars like Ashley Greene and of course...a gal named Kristen Stewart.
Heard of her?
The gang arrived around 9:15 with Kobe beef meatballs already on the table (apparently those are Rob's fave). Cocktails started flowin', natch, and as R sipped on Peroni beer, Kristen downed some Glowbal champagne cocktails.
Onlookers tell us it seemed as if Robert and Kristen were both "special guests" of the night. Did you catch the quotes, babes? Everything, every mark of punctuation, every syllable in this clandestine love story is worth noting.
After din the whole group headed to AfterGlow, the lounge part of the restaurant, and the Robsten chemistry only seemed to heat up.
"They were beautiful together," spills our insider.
Love, love, love this! "They just have a unique bond," adds the Pattinson pal who works closely with R & K. "They are always just smiling and happy together."
And as for certain people's hopes that Pattz will wander astray while over in Cannes? Deep Twi 'fesses, "[Rob] is very shy and respectful. He is not a flirt without Kristen."
Pattz and Stewart did flirt it up all night, we're assured, even leaving the hip scene together, but it wasn't all smooth sailing.
After that, the Pattzparty started in on some celebratory shots (you expect carrot juice with this boy?) just before midnight—and then the fans found them. "They were crazy," dishes a fellow boozer. "No one could really help them out, so it was time to go."
That's when the whole crew called it a night.
Like we told you yesterday, Rob and Kristen are both shooting scenes up in Vancouver today. Hopefully they can get some more quality time in before Pattz jets off to France this weekend. Like tonight, perhaps?
More LovePattz poop super soon, promise!

Can Robsten Go the Distance?

We here at the A.T. want to wish our fave heartthrob Robert Pattinson a very happy birthday. We wish more than anything we could hand deliver him Kristen Stewart wrapped in a little bow for his 23rd, but we all know there are some suits that wouldn't be too pleased about that.
So is there a chance Pattz can spend his special day with K. Stew? Or is he purposely being rushed off to Cannes today like so many of you worried Robsten lovers have emailed us about?
There's still hope R & K can have some sort of private celebration. Rob is supposed to leave this weekend for France—a place we told you Stewart is purposely being kept away from.
"Not only do they want [Rob and Kristen] apart, but lots of people are hoping Rob will enjoy himself a little too much in Cannes," 'fesses our Twi insider. "With all of the parties and girls, certain execs are banking on Robert realizing he wants to be completely single."
You know what that means: Get ready for the media to pair up Rob with every female celeb stumbling around the French Riviera. But we know our adorable Rob won't fall for it. Right?
As for his B-day, our spies up in Vancouver tell us Kristen is scheduled to shoot scenes for New Moon all week up there, and Rob was in town yesterday and is supposed to be there tomorrow. Hopefully, with his day off today, he'll stay put so he can celebrate with those who really care about him.
Probably the best way to tell if Stewart's anywhere around is to just look at his clothes. Notice Rob's outfit when he left with Kris at 3 a.m. last weekend, and then when he is walking around L.A. the next day. Sure, Rob's an outfit repeater, but the same three-shirt setup? Seems more like walk of shame clothes to us. 
Gotta love rebel Rob. Here's hoping we "Free Robsten" soon.

Robki Aftermath: Nikki's Not-So-Subtle Robsten Digs

Oh Nikki, how so much can change in six months! When we ran into the good-lookin' gal back in November at the Twilight premiere, Ms. Reed couldn't stop gushing over the magical essence that is Robert Pattinson. We asked her what it was about Rob that was so captivating.
This was her answer back then:
"You know, the girls that are all yelling for Rob don't know Rob. And if they did know Rob, they would still be screaming for him. What all these girls may not know is that he's an avid reader, he's really intelligent and he writes beautifully. I know he's really beautiful to look at, but Rob's a lot more complicated than that, and there's a lot more to him."
She sounds about as infatuated with him as, well, we are!
Then, as you've heard, of course, Nikki hit up the T-Mobile Sidekick LX party in H'wood last night, and the babe seemed to be whistling a—dare we say—bitter tune?
Check it out:
We didn't even get into the fuzzy love stuff with Nik (why rub it in). Besides, R and Nikki are so been-there, done-that, so why bother? Nevertheless, perky Party Girl gave it her all.
But we were surely curious to know what Rob has that sexalicious Chris Pine (whom we totally dig, btw) doesn't. I mean, that's the battle of the studly summer that's surely about to brew up in secs, right?
What's your opinion here, Nikki?
God I don't know. Rob's not really a conventional actor. He's more introverted.
Can you be more specific?
He's really an interesting guy
Totally, but why?
That's really all I have to say.
Ouch-a-dumped-a-rama! What's the 'tude about, babe? Where's the gushy Rob stuff we heard before? Jeez, can't imagine what could have gotten in the way of all those warm 'n' fuzzy Pattz feelings.
Regardless, we can't blame the gorgeous honey and supposed Kristen Stewart BFF for not being too thrilled on R.P. Like we told ya before, let's just say the ending to whatever Robki had going on wasn't pretty...uh, not at all.
Nik even had the chance to clear the damn air when she was asked about the "Kristen-Rob rumors," and the babe totally avoided it, saying: "I'm not gonna go there." Is Party Girl feeling the same chill we are?

Montag? Pratt? Nope, Just Call Her Heidi

That's Heidi with an H.
The artist formerly known as Heidi Montag and who is now—legally at least, Heidi Pratt—tells E! News exclusively that she wants to join the nomenclature ranks of other female celeb superstars.
"In keeping with the great tradition of stars like Madonna and Cher who are on a first-name-only basis with their fans, I've decided to go by the name of 'Heidi,' " she says.
Husband Spencer Pratt tells E! News that he fully supports her decision.
"Legally, she's a Pratt. But to her fans she is 'Heidi.' I totally support my beautiful wife—no matter what she calls herself."
But Spencer tells E! News that, for the moment, Heidi, as recently announced, is going to go by the stage name "H" as a recording artist.

Celebrity Potheads

Cute bikini, Kristen!!!

Are you trying to reiterate something??

Our favorite celebrity pothead Kristen Stewart rocks a pot leaf bikini with her sober-looking friend.

Most startling in this photo, though, is the disposable camera she's holding. Who even uses those anymore???

Wedding Bells?

Michael, Kristen's boyfriend
asked her to marry him.
She said no, maybe when i'm 25.
I can't see her as married.
Who would be her bridesmaid?
Maybe Nikki Reed.
Of course.

Lauren Conrad Sleeps With Dogs

Well, sort of.

Lauren Conrad has snagged a spot on an episode of Family Guy!

B.C. will be playing herself on the show. A real stretch.

And, in the episode, she apparently hooks up with the family dog, Brian.

Poor pooch, talk about a downgrade!

The episode, which has Conrad playing herself, airs this Sunday night on Fox.

Quote of the Day

"I'm not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren't really in love with Rob; they're in love with [his film character] Edward."

- Miley Cyrus tells the new issue of Teen Vogue

It's the same thing for Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.
They don't like like Miley, they like Hannah.
She has to make sure we can't do vise-versa to her.
By the way, I love both Rob and Edward.

Miley Gets Holy!

God-loving Miley Cyrus, who announced yesterday that she supports gay marriage, couldn't visit Rome and pass up the opportunity to check out the Vatican!

Cyrus and her babysitter older sister were spotted grabbing some dinner on Monday night in a restaurant in Rome.

When they left, Miley took the time to sign a few autographs for the fans waiting outside.

But what's a trip to Italy without a photo op in front of the Vatican?

The two then snapped some photos of themselves posing in front of the Basilica Di S. Pietro.

Wonder why boytoy Justin Gaston didn't tag along?

Heidi Montag & Miley Cyrus Believe In Gay Marriage!!!!!

This blonde Christian believes in equal marriage rights for all! And, she's a Republican too!

Responding to a question we asked her on Twitter, The Hills star Heidi Montag Tweeted back saying:

"God says in the bible that we should love our neighbor and he created us all as equals. I know in my heart that gays and lesbians should have the same government rights that Spencer and I will when we get married. So, yes, this blonde Christian believes in gay marriage and I hope to one day go to YOUR wedding, Perez!!!"

Woo hoo!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Heidi Montag would have been a better Miss USA than Miss California. It's a good thing that blonde didn't win!

Update: Holy moly!

Disney star - and fellow Christian - Miley Cyrus has also thrust herself into the gay marriage debate.

Responding to us and Montag via Twitter, she says "i second that!!! wow heidi is smart!!! shes amazing "

Quite courageous for Cyrus to do what she just did. We applaud her!!!!

Update #2: When told of the high suicide rate amongst gay and lesbian teens and how her standing up for equality will help battle that, Miley Tweeted back to us, saying, "Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! thats like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz hes gay and that is WRONG and very sad! like i said everyone deserves to be happy."

Thank you, Miley!

Update #3: Cyrus even went so far as to tweet to Perez, "i am a christian and i love you [Perez] - gay or not. BECAUSE you are no different that anyone else! we are all gods children! i am not saying this so would be nice on your site (though that would be nice jk;) but because the LORD has spoken 'love cuz god loves'."

P.S. Miley would have definitely been a much better Miss USA than Miss California too!!!

Hannah Montana Tops The Charts

Not surprisingly, Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana movie soundtrack has hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 after 4 weeks on there with 133,000 according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

It's the first soundtrack to peak on the charts this year, and the third of the Hannah Montana franchise to place in the top spot.

And now she can count on her gay fans!

Quote of the Day

"I refuse to date actors as a rule. They’re too good at lying – it’s their job."

- Miley Cyrus tells London's Telegraph

She's Just Being Miley

Well, the Social Security Administration released its annual list of most popular baby names and survey says that Emma is the most popular girl name in the United States!

According to the findings of the Social Security Administration, the most popular baby names don't change that much over time. For example, Jacob has been the top boy name for the past 10 years, and since 2007, it's been followed by Michael, Ethan, Joshua, and Daniel.

But Emma is a new contender, knocking the popular Emily down to third place after 12 years at the top. Isabella was the second most popular girl name.

And, oddly enough, the name Miley experienced a surge in popularity, climbing up 100 spots this year.

There are gonna be a lot of unhappy girls in the next 5 years or so.

Jay-Z Bombs Big Time In Arizona!

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona shelled out $1.4 million clams to put on a concert at the Arizona Stadium recently featuring Jay-Z and Kelly Clarkson, thinking they'd make their money back and then some!

Those poor college co-eds in Arizona were dead wrong!

Just how far from right were they??

The 'Last Smash Platinum Bash' only earned $503,502 - putting the ASUA in almost a million dollars of debt!!!

The organization, which paid Jay-Z a whopping $750,000 to perform, were forced to empty their savings of $350,000 as well as accepting the aid of the Arizona University bookstore to help the students eliminate their debt sooner than later.

"Nobody predicted the economy would be the way it is now last May," said ASUA prez Tommy Bruce, whose organization gave away over 4,000 tickets to the concert under the assumption that the advertising revenue would come pouring in.


Woman Hits Twilight Jackpot - Twice

It really is true…anything can happen.

Casey Ray of St. Louis was minding her own business when she just happened to stumble upon the most sought after script in Hollywood: The Twilight Saga: New Moon screenplay. Oh, you know, just that little film starring Robert Pattinson and a bunch of hot vampires.

Ray found the scripts in a trash bin outside a hotel where Twilight cast member Anna Kendrick was staying while shooting a movie with George Clooney.

Naughty Anna!!!!

So what did this local hairdresser do with her pot of gold? She gave it back to the studio, of course! Wow, so not what we would have done.

She had also come across another script, another soon to be R-Patz classic, Memoirs, and when the studio received word of her good deed, they thanked her by inviting her to both premieres. That is a double whammy of R-Patz.

Hey, Casey Ray of St. Louis, can we be your plus one? Please?

P.S. Hope they're covering all her expenses!

Vampire to Alien?

Our favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson was spotted leaving the home of director Peter Berg, while on break from New Moon, this weekend n Angeles.

Berg, who is behind such movies as Hancock, is reported to be working on a film adaptation of sci-thriller Dune.

Could R-Patz be becoming an alien?

Sounds hawt to us!

And the Nominees Are…

MTV has just released the nominees for this year's MTV Movie Awards.

And it is looking good!!!!

The top contenders this year are the Oscar Award winning smash Slumdog Millionareand the epic vampire blockbuster Twilight. Both films have garnered six nominations each, including Best Movie, Best Kiss, and Best Breakout Performance. (Not gonna lie, rooting for R-Patz to win that one!)

Other nominees for Best Movie include Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

As per every year, MTV has created a new catergory and this year, a golden popcorn will be given to the Best Song in a Movie. Nominees include Miley Cyrus' The Climb (Hannah Montana: The Movie), Paramore's Decode (Twilight), the Slumdog anthem Jai Ho, and the Bruce Springsteen ballad The Wrestler (The Wrestler).

To check out all the nominees and vote for your favorites, head over to MTV's website. Voting will continue for every catergory through May 27th, except Best Movie. That catergory you can vote for until the night of the show, May 31st.

The show, hosted by Andy Samberg, will air live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.

We think the choices are pretty solid. What do U think?

Sorry, Ladies!

Twilight's Cam Gigandet is officially off the market!

Gigandet and girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff took a stroll down Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon with their newborn in tow.

Hope the tiny tot was wearing sunscreen!

Twilight Jam Band In The Works?

Sounds like the Twilight clan took a big ol' hit of the green stuff earlier this week!

The cast ventured out to catch a show from local Vancouver band Sage & The Dills, and in typical stoner fashion, Robert Pattinson invited his New Moon co-stars and the band's lead singer Sage Dill after the show back to his hotel room to make sweet, sweet music.

R-Patz jammed out on the guitar while Nikki Reed sang along and Jackson Rathbone showed off his mad harmonica skills.

“We just got really creative," Dill revealed about the impromptu jam session. "Everything blended together really well."

Sage even compared the group's sound to Van Morrison!

Van Morrison, eh?

If that's not some stoner shiz, we don't know what is.

Eclipse Director Apologizes


Filmmaker David Slade is doing some major backpeddling after a Tweet from his now defunct Twitter account read, "Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me."

But fate works in mysterious ways, and Slade has been hired to direct the third film in the franchise called Eclipse, causing Slade to explain himself to rabid tween Twilight fans.

Slade wrote in an email:

"When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart.

"Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created.

"I would like to reassure everyone involved that I am invested in making the best film that I am humanly capable of, and that I am acutely aware of the power of the original books we serve."

Keep groveling!

R-Patz: The Birthday Party Details!

Seksi Robert Pattinson turned 23 on Wednesday and the Twilight star partied it up with his friends and co-stars by his side, especially spending a lot of time with Kristen Stewart.

So what did the hottie do for his birthday?

R-Patz celebrated in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they are filming New Moon. He started his night at the Glowbal Grill & Satay Bar with his friend Sam Bradley.

Kristen is said to have arrived a bit later with her brother tagging along.

One source tells Life & Style that “Throughout the evening, Rob definitely chatted with Kristen the most, despite the fact that other New Moon cast members attended the party.”

Also pAArtying it up with Rob was Ashley Greene and co-star Jamie Campbell Bower.

They all reportedly stayed until midnight to sing him Happy Birthday and then headed back to their hotels.

Hopefully Pattinson had fun, cuz his birthday party sounds kinda boring to us!

R-Patz And Hugh Jackman Hook Up!

Hugh Jackman and Robert Pattinson… starring side by side???


We never thought we'd see the day!

R-Patz and Jackman, along with Rachel Weisz will be featured in the upcoming flick, Unbound Captives, written and directed by first-timer Madeleline Stowe (yes, the actress).

The drama is the story of "a woman [Weisz] whose husband is killed and her two children kidnapped by a Comanche war party in 1859," and is "rescued by a frontiersman" played by Jackman.

"I saw three actresses, and knew after meeting with Rachel that she was the person I wanted to hand this role to," Stowe revealed about her casting choices. The director continued, "Robert said yes last fall, before everything broke with 'Twilight.' Hugh said yes a couple of weeks ago."

Sign us up!