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Monday, March 16, 2009


Sources tell us that there are DOZENS of paparazzi and at least six police cars outside saMAN Ronson's Beachwood Canyon home in Los Angeles, where fugitive Lindsay Lohan is currently holed up.

Oh, the drama!

Update: Holy shiz!!!! Lohan and Ronson are in the midst of a HUGE fight! A window was just broken!!!

Update #2: A few officers just went to the front door and knocked, but Ronson and Lohan refuse to open it!

Update #3: The cops have have made no contact with the girls. The quarreling lovers are still barricaded in the house. The paparazzi remain camped outside.

Update #4: The cops are still there - 5 officers - just issuing parking tix to the paparazzi.

The police officers said repeatedly that they are not there to serve Lindsay with papers or arrest her.

A big banging sound was heard from inside the house around 2:15 P.M., to which everyone outside started going crazy over. "It sounded like a wall being hit with something loudly," a source on the scene tells us.

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