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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Life & Style now: Jen: I'll be a single mom!

Newly single Jennifer Aniston is on a mission, and it has nothing to do with winning back ex-boyfriend John Mayer. Instead, she's focused on an entirely different goal - motherhood - and she's going for it with or without a man by her side. "In a perfect world, she'd get pregnant naturally," an insider notes. But if Mr. Right doesn't show up, she's willing to adopt or try in vitro fertilization using donated sperm. "She's working out how she wants to proceed," the insider tells Life & Style. "But one thing is definite: She wants a baby, and she wants one soon." 

Her recent breakup with John -- the couple's third in a year -- served as the wake-up call Jen needed to finally make becoming a mom her priority, an insider close to Jen tells Life & Style. "Yes, she was hoping to have a baby with him," the insider explains. "But I think deep down she knew he probably wasn't ready to settle down and start a family." Instead of waiting around for John to mature, Jen -- who just turned 40 in February -- has decided to go ahead and have a baby on her own. "She knows the one luxury she doesn't have right now is time," says the insider. As a result, Jen's come to a life-changing decision. "She's willing," says the insider, "to become a single mother."

For more on Jen's dilemma, pick up the latest issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now!

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