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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lady Gaga Takes Over The World

Lady GaGa is ready to star in her own headlining tour and dominate the world!

GaGa says she is particularly excited for the chance to explore different staging options now that she is free to do anything she wants for her Fame Ball Tour. The Poker Faced singer calls the opportunity "the ultimate creative orgasm for me ’cause I'm ready to move on. I'm not restricted to a certain structure for my show anymore. No limitations. I'm free."

Drawing inspiration from her nearly gold certified The Fame, the Lady is planning three different versions of her show tailored to venue sizes, promising that "Every show's gonna be an A show by the time I'm done screaming at everyone — 'Hang it! Hang everything! Find a place to hang it!' That's gonna be my motto."

She also hints that her performances might include sneak peeks of new material, which she has been busily working on. She explains, "I'm writing now while I've got two records ('Just Dance' and 'Poker Face') in the Top 10," she says. "It's good for my creativity…and I also think it's not smart to wait until the world is hovered with breath that is baited and you feel the pressure. I'd rather just write…while I'm only a couple singles deep into my album and still feeling creative."

With strategizing like that we're sure that GaGa will come up with something faaabulous!

We're also pretty certain that there will be no pants involved!

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