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Friday, April 17, 2009

R-Patz Loves The Ladies Of Twilight

Twilight actress Nikki Reed has been hypnotized by R-Patz's bewitching peen!

We feel you, honey!

Reed and Pattinson's off-set hook-ups date back to the filming of Twilight, but the actors' current affair while filming New Moon has taken a polyamorous turn according to Life & Style Weekly!

R-Patz's grown bored with giving the goods exclusively to his co-star and hopes for the rest of the cast and crew to be privy to his loving!

"Rob's been flirting with everyone on set in front of Nikki, even though they've been sleeping together," a New Moon insider leaked to the mag.

Pattinson has even made the moves on Nikki's best friend, Kristen Stewart!!!

R-Patz and K-Twat????


Robert's non-stop flirting is "causing tension" on the set but Nikki has high hopes that if she continues to bone R-Patz, the New Moon star will eventually fall for her!

According to insider, "Rob knows Nikki's not the one for him, but he still goes back to her and leads her on… She thinks he'll come around and they can be a legitimate couple, but Robert is determined to enjoy his new fame - and all that comes with it."

All we can say…

He's just not that into you!!!

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