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Friday, May 15, 2009

Woman Hits Twilight Jackpot - Twice

It really is true…anything can happen.

Casey Ray of St. Louis was minding her own business when she just happened to stumble upon the most sought after script in Hollywood: The Twilight Saga: New Moon screenplay. Oh, you know, just that little film starring Robert Pattinson and a bunch of hot vampires.

Ray found the scripts in a trash bin outside a hotel where Twilight cast member Anna Kendrick was staying while shooting a movie with George Clooney.

Naughty Anna!!!!

So what did this local hairdresser do with her pot of gold? She gave it back to the studio, of course! Wow, so not what we would have done.

She had also come across another script, another soon to be R-Patz classic, Memoirs, and when the studio received word of her good deed, they thanked her by inviting her to both premieres. That is a double whammy of R-Patz.

Hey, Casey Ray of St. Louis, can we be your plus one? Please?

P.S. Hope they're covering all her expenses!

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