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Friday, May 15, 2009

Can Robsten Go the Distance?

We here at the A.T. want to wish our fave heartthrob Robert Pattinson a very happy birthday. We wish more than anything we could hand deliver him Kristen Stewart wrapped in a little bow for his 23rd, but we all know there are some suits that wouldn't be too pleased about that.
So is there a chance Pattz can spend his special day with K. Stew? Or is he purposely being rushed off to Cannes today like so many of you worried Robsten lovers have emailed us about?
There's still hope R & K can have some sort of private celebration. Rob is supposed to leave this weekend for France—a place we told you Stewart is purposely being kept away from.
"Not only do they want [Rob and Kristen] apart, but lots of people are hoping Rob will enjoy himself a little too much in Cannes," 'fesses our Twi insider. "With all of the parties and girls, certain execs are banking on Robert realizing he wants to be completely single."
You know what that means: Get ready for the media to pair up Rob with every female celeb stumbling around the French Riviera. But we know our adorable Rob won't fall for it. Right?
As for his B-day, our spies up in Vancouver tell us Kristen is scheduled to shoot scenes for New Moon all week up there, and Rob was in town yesterday and is supposed to be there tomorrow. Hopefully, with his day off today, he'll stay put so he can celebrate with those who really care about him.
Probably the best way to tell if Stewart's anywhere around is to just look at his clothes. Notice Rob's outfit when he left with Kris at 3 a.m. last weekend, and then when he is walking around L.A. the next day. Sure, Rob's an outfit repeater, but the same three-shirt setup? Seems more like walk of shame clothes to us. 
Gotta love rebel Rob. Here's hoping we "Free Robsten" soon.

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