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Friday, May 15, 2009

Robki Aftermath: Nikki's Not-So-Subtle Robsten Digs

Oh Nikki, how so much can change in six months! When we ran into the good-lookin' gal back in November at the Twilight premiere, Ms. Reed couldn't stop gushing over the magical essence that is Robert Pattinson. We asked her what it was about Rob that was so captivating.
This was her answer back then:
"You know, the girls that are all yelling for Rob don't know Rob. And if they did know Rob, they would still be screaming for him. What all these girls may not know is that he's an avid reader, he's really intelligent and he writes beautifully. I know he's really beautiful to look at, but Rob's a lot more complicated than that, and there's a lot more to him."
She sounds about as infatuated with him as, well, we are!
Then, as you've heard, of course, Nikki hit up the T-Mobile Sidekick LX party in H'wood last night, and the babe seemed to be whistling a—dare we say—bitter tune?
Check it out:
We didn't even get into the fuzzy love stuff with Nik (why rub it in). Besides, R and Nikki are so been-there, done-that, so why bother? Nevertheless, perky Party Girl gave it her all.
But we were surely curious to know what Rob has that sexalicious Chris Pine (whom we totally dig, btw) doesn't. I mean, that's the battle of the studly summer that's surely about to brew up in secs, right?
What's your opinion here, Nikki?
God I don't know. Rob's not really a conventional actor. He's more introverted.
Can you be more specific?
He's really an interesting guy
Totally, but why?
That's really all I have to say.
Ouch-a-dumped-a-rama! What's the 'tude about, babe? Where's the gushy Rob stuff we heard before? Jeez, can't imagine what could have gotten in the way of all those warm 'n' fuzzy Pattz feelings.
Regardless, we can't blame the gorgeous honey and supposed Kristen Stewart BFF for not being too thrilled on R.P. Like we told ya before, let's just say the ending to whatever Robki had going on wasn't pretty...uh, not at all.
Nik even had the chance to clear the damn air when she was asked about the "Kristen-Rob rumors," and the babe totally avoided it, saying: "I'm not gonna go there." Is Party Girl feeling the same chill we are?

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